In the ending months of 2015, we had a little hackathon with folks from GitHub and various teams within Microsoft. Over the course of 2 days, we tackled a number of issues to help make Electron (and thereby Visual Studio Code) work better on Windows. During this hackathon, I worked side-by-side with the awesome developers of VSCode, and I got a small preview of their upcoming extension API. With the winter holidays approaching, I thought building a VIM extension would help fill my time, and maybe in the process learn a few tricks about using VIM. What started as a fun little project has grown into my most popular project, but it wasn't all peaches and roses.


As coding is always fun with more people, I reached out to @guillermooo, the author of a popular VIM extension on Sublime. For awhile, it was just the two of us. We pushed out a couple releases, but as the holidays ended, so did our motivation.

It didn't help as GitHub issues started piling up and every so often I would catch a comment or two on Slack/Twitter/some social media platform that would express their great disgust of the extension and how they uninstalled it immediately as it didn't support XYZ feature of VIM. Often, I would respond by banging my head against the keyboard; do these people not know how hard it is to implement VIM?! Have you seen how long the VIM documentation is?! Nonetheless, they were absolutely right. If I weren't the author, I wouldn't use this thing either.

Thankfully, the open source community is amazing. Despite the many bugs, people continued to use it and submit pull requests. With his awesome commits, @johnfn officially joined as a contributor, and he's done a tremendous job in improving the extension. That June/July bump in the graph? That is allll him. Now, thanks to the community feedback, VSCode is officially contributing to the extension (welcome @rebornix) and will continue to actively work on closing the gaps in the extension API!

So, what I wish to say is thank you to all the contributors of VSCodeVim. You guys are f*cking awesome! Considering the recent rage over Pokemon Go, this picture seemed fitting:

If you want to join the cause to make VIM better on VSCode, drop by our GitHub or our Slack: Slack Status

Happy vim-ing!