Twice every year, Microsoft employees from all over the world congregate in Seattle for TechReady, a week-long conference open to the Microsoft Technical Field Community. The conference serves as a place to get trained and inspired about the latest tools, technologies, and products coming out of Microsoft and the industry as a whole.

For TechReady 21, I had the pleasure of co-present with @FelixRieseberg on full stack JavaScript development. We delivered the same content at TR20 and it was so well received that we came back for an encore at TR21. Our talk was titled "Be a cool kid, learn how to use Grunt, Node, and Ember".

How do I be a cool kid?

Our talk was an introduction to full-stack JavaScript development. The talk itself was about 10% slides and 90% live-coding which is hella-scary considering the cornucopia of things that can potential go wrong with 75 or so audience members watching your every keystroke/typo/compile error/misconfiguration.

Throughout the 80-minute talk, Felix and I built a Twitter-clone from scratch.

Unfortunately, although the content of our talk was on the open source stack, as TechReady itself is an internal-Microsoft conference, the slides and video of the session are available only to Microsoft employees. In any case, the final product can be seen here with the code publicly available on GitHub.