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Adding NLog to your Azure Mobile Service instance

What is NLog? NLog is a .NET logging framework that was originally created by one of my former co-workers, Jarek Kowalski. Setup Install NLog, NLog.Schema, and NLog.Config from »

Updating to Node.js Azure-Storage 0.2.0 Package

This blog post is long overdue, but back in the summer 2014, a new Node package module (npm) was released for Azure-Storage. Azure-Storage v0.2.0 broke some sh& »

Thali Continuous Integration with Jenkins

One of my first projects with my new team at Microsoft was to setup a continous build/integration service for Thali. The build system would have to: Test pull requests »

Configuring a Namecheap domain with Azure websites

Having converted by personal website from a simple PHP site to a Node.js-based blog (ie. Ghost), I unfortunately needed to change hosting providers. As awesome as VlexoFree has been »

Installing Ghost on Azure

First post from my freshly minted Ghost installation on Azure! For those not familiar with Ghost, it is an open source blogging platform that started out as a kickstarter project. »