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Number of Storage Accounts and Cores Consumed

As noted in my prior blog post on Tagging Azure Resource Groups with an Owner, our team is hitting the subscription limits for storage accounts and cores on Azure. Once »

Tagging Azure Resource Groups with an Owner

The Partner Catalyst Team at Microsoft has grown exponentially over the last year; at present, we have over 70 folks worldwide sharing one Azure subscription. The team has been organizing »

Adding a Load Balancer to your Virtual Machine Scale Set

The Azure Quick Start Templates has a series of ARM templates that can help you deploy a Virtual Machine Scaleset (VMSS), but what if you want to update your existing »

Running your own slackin on Azure

slackin is an amazing tool written by Guillermo Rauch to help build public Slack () communities. As a result, it's being used by projects including GitHub's Atom, Socket.IO, and in »

How to deploy Hubot in Slack to an Azure Website

If you are on a Slack team, do you want this sort of awesomeness? Bender is the name of our Hubot. On top of being able to mustachify me, it »