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Deploying a non-.NET project to Azure Web App using VSO

Over the last couple of months, I've been supporting the start ups at the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator. I recently worked with Dorin of Outleads to setup continuous deployment of her »

How to deploy Hubot in Slack to an Azure Website

If you are on a Slack team, do you want this sort of awesomeness? Bender is the name of our Hubot. On top of being able to mustachify me, it »

Configuring a Namecheap domain with Azure websites

Having converted by personal website from a simple PHP site to a Node.js-based blog (ie. Ghost), I unfortunately needed to change hosting providers. As awesome as VlexoFree has been »

Installing Ghost on Azure

First post from my freshly minted Ghost installation on Azure! For those not familiar with Ghost, it is an open source blogging platform that started out as a kickstarter project. »