Building a Rotary Wheel Control

Why HeavenFresh, a company based in Mississauga, Canada make a plethora of home products. Of significant note are their AllJoyn-connected humidifiers and air purifiers. In preparation »

Jason Poon on C#

Parsing Nested JSON Classes

I first encountered the problem of parsing nested JSON data objects when dealing with the Crunchbase API. Their JSON response looks something along the lines of: »

Jason Poon on C#

Vim All The Things!

I first started using vim when I was developing on my Arch Linux machine. Since I started working at Microsoft, I've fully transitioned to Windows and »

Jason Poon on vim

Your First Cordova App

Part 2 of 2. Part 1 can be found here: Write Once, Ship Everywhere. Install Cordova Build an app ??? Profit! 1. Install Cordova Install Cordova-CLI node. »