VSCodeVim is a Visual Studio Code extension that enables VIM bindings. As the project has grown, so has the number of our maintainers. Although we now have automated releases integrated with our continuous integration system, there are times in which we need to publish manually or manage metadata around the extension. This post will walk through how to extend publish rights of your Visual Studio Code extension to your other maintainers.

  1. Login https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/manage. From the drop-down, select one of the many publishers you have associated with the account:

  2. Upon clicking on the publisher name, you'll see a drop-down:

  3. Choose Edit Publisher and under the pop-up, select Roles:

From here, you can add the Microsoft Account (MSA) of the other maintainers of your extension. Once added, your other maintainers will be able to publish the extension using VSCE.