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Unlocking Cortana's Voice (Eva) for use in a UWP app

Microsoft first introduced the world to Cortana, an intelligent virtual personal assistant, with Windows Phone 8.1. A year later, Cortana's now on Windows 10 but only in a select »

Building a Rotary Wheel Control

Why HeavenFresh, a company based in Mississauga, Canada make a plethora of home products. Of significant note are their AllJoyn-connected humidifiers and air purifiers. In preparation for IFA Berlin, we've »

TechReady 21 - Be a cool kid, learn how to use Grunt, Node, Ember

Twice every year, Microsoft employees from all over the world congregate in Seattle for TechReady, a week-long conference open to the Microsoft Technical Field Community. The conference serves as a »

Parsing Nested JSON Classes

I first encountered the problem of parsing nested JSON data objects when dealing with the Crunchbase API. Their JSON response looks something along the lines of: { "metadata": { " »

Deploying a non-.NET project to Azure Web App using VSO

Over the last couple of months, I've been supporting the start ups at the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator. I recently worked with Dorin of Outleads to setup continuous deployment of her »