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Managing your Visual Studio Code Extension

VSCodeVim is a Visual Studio Code extension that enables VIM bindings. As the project has grown, so has the number of our maintainers. Although we now have automated releases integrated »

Adding a Load Balancer to your Virtual Machine Scale Set

The Azure Quick Start Templates has a series of ARM templates that can help you deploy a Virtual Machine Scaleset (VMSS), but what if you want to update your existing »

VIM for VSCode

In the ending months of 2015, we had a little hackathon with folks from GitHub and various teams within Microsoft. Over the course of 2 days, we tackled a number »

Continuous Delivery with Squirrel and VSTS

Imagine this scenario, you find a serious bug that needs to get fixed NOW! But, how can you push that update to your customers quickly? Answer: Continuous Delivery. This blog »

Running your own slackin on Azure

slackin is an amazing tool written by Guillermo Rauch to help build public Slack () communities. As a result, it's being used by projects including GitHub's Atom, Socket.IO, and in »