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What happens when you leave Microsoft

Microsoft was my first job out of college and after 8 wonderful years, I decided it was time for a new challenge. As it was the first time I'd actually »

Number of Storage Accounts and Cores Consumed

As noted in my prior blog post on Tagging Azure Resource Groups with an Owner, our team is hitting the subscription limits for storage accounts and cores on Azure. Once »

Tagging Azure Resource Groups with an Owner

The Partner Catalyst Team at Microsoft has grown exponentially over the last year; at present, we have over 70 folks worldwide sharing one Azure subscription. The team has been organizing »

Kubernetes Logging with Splunk

Update (Oct. 22, 2018): Since this post was written, several other solutions have popped up to help configure logging with Splunk including https://github.com/splunk/splunk-connect-for-kubernetes. In my work »

Continuous Delivery of Visual Studio Code (@code) Extensions

With the VSCodeVim extension, I recently setup a continuous delivery pipeline to make it easier to push a new release. Here's the lowdown of how we accomplished an automated approach »